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Testing Services

In a software project life-cycle Quality Assurance and Testing plays a vital role, Quality Assurance and Testing should be implemented meticulously from the very beginning of the product development process. The need for an independent software testing company has doubled in the recent past due to customer’s elevated knowledge in quality standards. Glascott Dot Com can create a dedicated unit from more than 30 Quality Assurance ISTQB Certified software testing engineers based in Eastern Europe covering all standard testing types and more functionality, performance, UI, security audit, implementation check and localisation in various industries such as Ecommerce, Healthcare, Retail, Education, Manufacturing and more. You will have 100% result visibility; can access to all-inclusive QA test reporting, including status reports, quality levels, test coverage, quality trends, results and sign-off reports.  in various industries such as Ecommerce, Healthcare, Retail, Education, Manufacturing and more.


Web Application Testing

Our web application testing process ensures that the functionalities, usability, security aspects, compatibility and responsive nature of the application is tested completely to enable the software is smooth and secure.


Functional Testing

Functional testing makes sure that the functional aspects of the application work according to the requirements. This involves a simulation of the actual application replicating data and inputs wherever necessary to confirm on the functionality.


Agile Testing

For applications that follow an agile development process, agile testing forms a part of the application. Every story/task in the sprint carries with it the unit test scripts and the functional test cases and scripts that go along with it. This process confirms the fact that testing combines with the coding in the development.


Cloud Testing

 Cloud application testing will involved creating a cloud environment simulating the existing application to carry out the following types of testing:
  • Functional Testing
  • Load and Performance Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Security Testing


System integrated and compatibility Testing

Our team ensures the system integrity and compatibility & responsive nature of applications.

Mobile Application Testing

Mobile applications built on variable platforms, iOS, Android, etc. are tested in this testing process. Individual devices are loaded with the respective applications or websites that need to be tested. This process covers testing on all latest devices and various versions of iOS and Android.

Web Accessibility Testing

Accessibility testing or Web Accessibility testing is performed across websites and applications to make sure that people with disabilities on hearing, colour blindness, old age or other deformities are able to access the website and us the features. The tests would involve the size and colour of the content, links within the page, colour contrasts, navigation and the use of the keyboard.
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